Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hpliga Affiliate program work?

Answer: We have been spending approximately Rs. 5,000 for Advertisement to acquire one new client. If someone opened his trading account using your affiliate link or banner, we are giving you a certain % Rs. 5,000 (Advertisement cost).

How much will I get when someone open his trading account by clicking my affiliate link or banners?

Answer: You will get Rs. 1,500 (30% of Rs. 5,000) per client those who opened his trading account also Up to Rs. 3,500 from your Indirect clients.

How can I become an affiliate of Hpliga?

Answer: First step of joining our affiliate program is open your trading account without any deposit, Once you started trading with us you will be automatically eligible to become an affiliate of Hpliga.

How can I check my performance and earnings?

Answer: All of our Affiliates will be given a control panel to check your campaign performance and Daily activities and your client’s status. Affiliate panel is accessible from your computer and our Affiliate mobile App.

When will I be paid?

Answer: Your Affiliate commission will be sent to your Bank Account between 15th of Every month.

How much can I earn from Hpliga Affiliate Program?

Answer: Your Affiliate earning will be depends on your campaign performance and there is no limit to earn, If you bring more clients you earn more.

Do I have to pay any security deposit to join as an Affiliate?

Answer: No. Our Affiliate program is completely free for everyone.